73% of Millionaires Are Interested or Already Owns Cryptos, Survey Says


Among the 700 high-earning individuals/millionaires that participated in deVere Group’s survey, a whopping 73% stated that they are either looking for crypto investment opportunities or already own a certain amount of it.  This particular figure jumped by 5% from last year’s survey results – implying that millionaires are now more on to cryptos than ever before.

Notably, the selected survey participants were from a wide array of regions all over the world, namely the United States, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, United Kingdom, Latin America, and Australia. Furthermore, the minimum net worth to be eligible as a participant was set at 1 million British pounds (roughly $1.32 million).

Founder of deVere Group, Nigel Green, notes that Bitcoin remains one of the best-performing assets today, and as the survey shows, more and more eyes are cast upon it with every passing day. Green then added that even some of the most prominent Wall Street banks are now warming up to cryptos – evidenced by the growing interest of both Square and PayPal towards it.

Can BTC reach $170K?

An intelligence strategist of Bloomberg does think so. According to Mike McGlone, Bitcoin’s market price is on the verge of hitting an all-time high and then be consolidated with gold. The Bloomberg strategist believes that the current $20,000 goal of Bitcoin will inevitably be surpassed, and as its growth pattern dictates, it may reach unprecedented numbers of over $170K in the next couple of years.

According to McGlone, the crucial aspect regarding the growth of BTC prices are relatively simple. He referenced that at the final strands of 2019, BTC was at a meager $7,000. Now, the crypto managed to add a “1” on that figure, currently sitting at over $17,000. Going by the current trend, the asset could add another zero to the back of its already impressive figures – landing at a magic number of $170K in the next coming years.

McGlone then explained that Bitcoin is rapidly becoming the digital equivalent of gold, and its volatility is now on a noticeable decline. He states that while every other risk assets today grows in volatility, Bitcoin’s is now significantly declining.

While at first McGlone’s estimates may sound outrageous, it is worth noting that BTC prices hitting the $170K mark is plausible, especially if it successfully maintains this extremely positive momentum.


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