8 Million Monthly Active Users: A Significant Milestone for Brave


On October 16, Brave, a cryptocurrency-powered web browser, announced that it had unlocked a new milestone. The number of its monthly active users had ballooned to a whopping eight million. 

As per the announcement, Brave now has more than 2.8 million daily active users. Even the number of creators that subscribed to the browser’s web advertisement network had been amplified as well. 

Meanwhile, the number of Brave Verified Publishers who signed up to the BAT-powered advertisement platform had reached more than 290, 000. As per the breakdown, 200, 000 are Youtube creators, 33, 000 are website creators or publishes, 15, 000 are streamers of Twitch. The last 28, 000, as Brave has noted, was the result of the Twitter tipping service which they launched back in August. Notably, these users have joined in hopes of getting Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). 

The major driving force

According to Brave, it has been six months since it launched its ads, which is offered on an opt-in basis. Since then, the platform had been able to complete 385 campaigns, with 97 million ad confirmation events. These figures, according to the firm, were complemented by high user engagement rates as well. The average rate in the industry is 2%, and Brave was able to acquire a 14% click-through rate. Page visits that lasted for 10 seconds or longer accounts for 12%. Overall, Brave shared that it has received 2.36 million ten-second visits on its existing pages.

Brave even gave an example. Notably, Intel bought ads for its Intel Gamer Days 2019. To encourage the public the spread awareness about the upcoming event, the CPU producer decided to use Brave ads and guaranteed to reward participation. 

The Brave Ads Grant, which has been given to The Lupus Foundation of America, is another plausible example. The foundation’s website has been verified as a Brave creator. Ultimately, Brave ads had been allowed to direct people who want to contribute or donate straight to their website.



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