A Spinoff to the Now-Debunked TON Project Has Officially Launched Its Testnet


A particular spinoff of the recently shut down Telegram TON project, named TONCommunity.org, has just announced the launching of its testnet. Notably, the specific spinoff project announced its plans to establish a detached TON network this last May to continue the legacy of the original TON project.

In simultaneous to the launching of their testnet, TONCommunity.org also plans to hold a mainnet token airdrop. This said airdrop would be made available for all Telegram users. It will feature over 10 million TONcoins – the official name of this token airdrop.

The testnet, on the other hand, will be referred to as “testnet3.” The name pays tribute to the current official testnet of the original TON initiative – “testnet2” – which is scheduled to finally shut down this coming August 1, 2020. It also invited the whole Telegram community and their followers to come and join the latest testnet as its validators.

TONCommunity.org isn’t the only ongoing project that aims to continue the core mission of the official TON network. That being said, it is them that is experiencing the most success and support from the TON community of China. As a matter of fact, TONCommunity.org has already penetrated the international waters following its establishment last May. According to the founder of the project, Tooz Wu, vital members of the project include people residing from far off countries such as Russia and Singapore.

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