Amazon’s Quantum Ledger Database is Finally Out in the Market


Amazon Web Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Seattle-based multinational tech company Amazon announced on September 10 the availability of a new class of database on the market. 


In a company blog post, AWS confirmed that the new product, dubbed as quantum ledger database, is up for industry’s usage. The main objective behind the creation of QLDB was also written. As per the post, it will provide an immutable and transparent transaction log. The data which can be verified cryptographically belonged to a central trusted authority. 


Furthermore, the post explained that the quantum ledger database does not require users to build their own ledger-like apps which usually entail complicated efforts. The need to rely on a Blockchain framework had been taken out of the picture as well. 


A Vice President at AWS, Shawn Bice, shared with Business Wire that the company has been relying on Amazon QLDB in terms of storing its most critical structures’ data. For years, Bice claimed that being able to look back at an immutable list of changes had brought AWS massive benefits and advantages. So, with the public launch of the database, he said that customers would be able to access the same capabilities and enjoy the benefits of cryptographically verified information. 


Bice ended his statement by saying that Amazon would watch the market and provide guidance as the customers begin to use QLDB in streamlining their business operations. 


Earlier in August, Amazon’s Colorado team was looking for a software development engineer. Notably, the team in Boulder would work on a Blockchain-based advertisement platform. 


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