An In-House Attorney is the New Chief of Cyber Unit


Kristina Littman is hired by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as the new Chief of the Division of Enforcement’s Cyber Unit.

The specialized unit hopes to protect markets and stakeholders from bad actors in the crypto and Blockchain industry. 

The new chief’s credentials

The SEC publicized the new hire on December 2 and expounded in their press release that Littman began as a staff attorney in 2010 at the regulator’s Division of Enforcement. From then on, she has held various positions as a senior attorney in the Trial Unit and Market Abuse Unit.

Furthermore, Littman has worked as SEC Chairman Jay Clayton’s lead advisor since August 2017. During those times, the attorney advised on regulatory and policy issues related to digital assets and cryptocurrencies, trading and market, as well as international matters.

Commenting on Littman’s new position, Chairman Clayton said that the newly hired chief of Cyber Unit’s extensive experience and innovative thinking within the Commission had turned her a priceless advisor and tireless defender of the investors of America.

Chairman Clayton furthermore noted that Littman would be an exceptional Cyber Unit leader as the division continues to work in a critical and constantly developing area.

Moreover, Littman said that she is privileged to be given a chance to serve as the Chief of the Cyber Unit.

The new chief’s LinkedIn profile exposed that she practiced law in the greater Philadelphia region before she had her position at the SEC. There, she specialized in securities litigation as well as white-collar job. She also worked as a judicial law administrator at Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court before her position in Philadelphia.


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