Andrew Yang Expresses His Support for BTC Following the Establishment of New Political Party


Former Presidential hopeful of the Democratic Party, Andrew Yang, announced today via Twitter his intentions to establish a new political party called “The Forward Party.”

Immediately after this announcement, several comments sprung up asking how the new political party would address the rising inflation and monetary manipulation and whether they would support BTC. As a self-professed big supporter of BTC and everything crypto, Yang staunchly answered that The Forward Party would indeed see cryptos as viable instruments to address such financial issues, such as the ones mentioned above.

Yang then supplemented this by harkening back to his previous presidential campaign promises implying his willingness to activate crypto-based government transfers. While Yang’s overarching support for all crypto tokens is indeed a very welcoming sight for the crypto community, some believe that he is better off focusing on just BTC.

According to Yang, while he appreciates this suggestion, he also desires to highlight other cryptos, such as Ethereum (ETH), which he states possess several fascinating capabilities. He has also made it abundantly clear that he is fully aware of the fundamentals of BTC and how it separates itself from the crowd.


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