Andrew Yang Says he Will Transform New York to a Bitcoin Hub Once Elected Mayor


New York mayor frontrunner and avid supporter of Bitcoin (BTC), Andrew Yang, laid out his plans to transform the city into a bona fide BTC hub when successfully elected. According to Yang, he would invest the city’s enticing resources as the financial capital of the world to remodel it as the go-to place for BTC and cryptocurrencies in general when positioned as its mayor.

While interesting to the ears of many residents living in NYC, especially to local crypto enthusiasts, the former presidential candidate’s plans go in line with several other US mayors today. One good example of this is Miami’s Francis Suarez, who is actively pushing to make his city a crypto hotspot as well through purchasing sizeable BTC to include in its balance sheet.

Another notable instance of this active effort to attract crypto exchanges and personalities into their cities is in Nevada. Its current mayor, Hillary Schieve, plans to do just that by smoothly incorporating smart contracts into the city’s municipal functions. Considering the current regulatory and financial landscape for cryptos within Nevada, however, many believe that Schieve will have her hands full if she does so persist with this initiative.

Andrew Yang has long advocated for Bitcoin, going as far as stating that he would openly accept crypto donations for his campaign to be US president back in 2018. By utilizing his intensive knowledge on both politics and cryptocurrencies, Yang could definitely turn this promise to fruition once seated as the leader of NYC.

The mayoral primaries within the city, which would also mark the first election event that incorporates rank-choice voting, are currently scheduled to occur this coming June 22.


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