Aragon Community Voted against Ethereum’s Proposed ProgPOW


Open-source software project Aragon has revealed via a tweet that it is against the suggested protocol change to the Ethereum Network. Dubbed ProgPOW, the network’s proof-of-work consensus algorithm would be modified before totally switching to the proof-of-stake mining algorithm as part of the preparation for the roll-out of Ethereum 2.0.

Once implemented, ProgPOW would shutter the efficiency gap that is available to ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits). According to the tweet, the decision was reached by the Aragon community through voting. The result against the proposed change to the network’s mining algorithm was a landslide, 860,000 tokens over 390,000 tokens. 

As per the official statement, Aragon would respect the decision of its community and would do everything they can to block the impending change. However, there might be room for agreement once the Ethereum network declares that such modification is needed to fix a “fatal” issue. By the term, Aragon means that they would only consent to ProgPOW if it’s the only solution available to maintain the functionality of the network. 

In October, Aragon launched its Aragon Network Vote, a program that allows its token holders to participate in the decision-making process, especially on crucial proposals. The CTO of Aragon One, Jorge Izquierdo, reiterated their commitment to the participants, citing that they would take the community’s decision seriously. 

In October, the CTO shared his sentiments about the forthcoming launch of Ethereum’s Istanbul. The hard fork is expected to break around 680 smart contracts on the platform. Furthermore, the upgrade would leave DAOs unable to send Ether to one another. 

As he placed it, the Ethereum network couldn’t care any less about the issues that Aragon would face following the roll-out of Ethereum 2.0. However, he noted that while it’s an unfortunate event for them, they have to understand that it’s necessary to achieve balance. 


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