Asic Jungle Launches the First-Ever Marketplace for Mining Hardware


Asic Jungle launches the world’s first mining hardware marketplace in an attempt to mitigate the plethora of sketchy Telegram channels dedicated to second-hand equipment selling. The CEO of Asic Jungle, Artem Bespaloff, stated that this new platform should serve as the safer, more trustworthy, and legit option for second-hand mining equipment buyers. Notably, the marketplace is still on its beta phase.

Buyers can quickly boot up the platform and purchase used mining equipment or components that are verified to remain in good condition. Furthermore, the platform remarkably excludes third-parties. This means that buyers can directly transact with their selected sellers, which eliminates instances of offers or words getting lost in translation because of intermediaries. It is also worth noting that Asic Jungle’s online marketplace is the first and only platform to eliminate third-parties and brokerage channels completely – traders must communicate directly to execute successful deals.

Bespaloff states that Asic Jungle is doing its best to make sure that the platform is kept safe and secured; they are ensuring that all transactions will be conducted on a trusted space. On top of that, the CEO also noted that the Canadian-based platform intends to uphold both local regulations and US compliance laws as it intends to operate globally.

Many see this move of Asic Jungle as a welcome development. Not only does it provide buyers with a more secure and seamless platform to purchase used mining components, but it also makes the job of sellers much easier.

Traders have been continuously wishing for a marketplace built around reliability. If everything goes its way, Asic Jungle’s new platform will serve just that.


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