Auto Wayback Machine Lookup Has Now Been Integrated Into Brave


The major security-specialized browser, Brave, can now automatically redirect its users to seek out archived versions of particular web pages that were already removed. This new feature would enable Brave browser users to instantly access contents that are archived within “missing” pages on the internet by way of using Wayback Machine Integration. This impressive feature started within the desktop browser last February 25 alongside its version 1.4.

To unlock the brand new feature, Brave worked with The Internet Archive or the, a popular nonprofit digitized library. also broke out the news regarding the development on their February 25 blog post.

The Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine Integration

The Internet Archive was founded in 1996 with the ultimate goal of offering users permanent access to a multitude of digital data currently buried in history. As of the current date, the organization has successfully archived over 900 billion URLs on top of 400 billion web pages. Such numbers are already impressive but they plan to keep adding millions and millions of pages every single day.

Going back to the recent integration of the Wayback Machine on HTTP 404 responses within Brave, users will now be offered the chance to read an archived page rather than the customary “Page Not Found” notice. However, in the case of a missing or taken down page, Brave will prompt a different notification that asks the user if it wants to check out the saved version that is available via the Wayback Machine.

That being said, Brave users will have the chance to scroll further through older versions of the current page they are in as long as they have been archived within the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive. Brave claims that they are the very first browser to be able to fully integrate the impressive feature so far. They are indeed correct, popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox can only do such by way of browser extensions.

The partnership between the two parties

This newly released feature within the Brave private browser isn’t the very first time the two collaborated with one another. Back in the year 2017, the Internet Archive provided additional support for Brave users on getting micropayments which allowed them to privately tip their desired websites via cryptocurrencies. In total, the Internet Archived garnered more than $2,500 worth of tips by way of Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) by April of 2019.

The Internet Archive did not forget to commend Brave’s dedicated focus regarding its users’ privacy. They went as far as saying that they are extremely grateful towards Brave’s significant commitment to user privacy, support in advanced alternatives to the existing ad-supported Web, and their focus on improving the overall browsing experience of its users. They continued by praising Brave’s leadership in such efforts and stated that they are looking forward to more chances of working with them in the future.

This current news came amidst the latest comparative study that shows that the Brave browser is by far the top browsing solution among its other competitors in terms of privacy. That being said, with the current trend of users prioritizing online privacy more than ever, it is apparent that the Brave browser is becoming more and more globally popular. As evidence to just that, it has been recently reported that the Brave browser saw its monthly active user shoot up from its 2018 number of 5.5 million to 2019’s 10.4 million.




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