Bakkt Has Broken Its Record Numbers for BTC Futures


The past few days have been bountiful for the subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange. Bakkt, despite being relatively new to the crypt industry, has once again shattered its previous record numbers regarding BTC futures contracts. Notably, this is now the second day in a row wherein the firm managed to surpass its previous record.

On July 28, the highest recorded figure of Bakkt for monthly BTC futures was 11,515 contracts, which is a whopping 86% increase compared to the previous historical numbers. Immediately following that excellent day for Bakkt, this July 29, the investing platform topped its record numbers once more. As it currently stands, the current record stands at 11,706 traded contracts. Converting that to the current market price of Bitcoin, the figures set by Bakkt would equate to more than $125 million.

Notably, the contracts of Bakkt that are physically-settled are handed over in BTC, while contracts that are cash-settled are given out in USD. This recent surge in Bakkt can be attributed to the people’s reemerging interest to Bitcoin. As Coinmod reported yesterday, Bitcoin numbers are once again hitting the roof, mirroring the successes that its institutional exchanges currently experiences – such as Bakkt and CME, which has continually made record numbers over the past few days.


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