Bill Gates Decides to Leave Microsoft, Makes One Last Move to Support African Blockchain


On Friday, tech giant Microsoft announced that its co-founder, the billionaire software developer and one of the world’s most notable philanthropists, Bill Gates, will be leaving the company’s board to focus more on his humanitarian works.

Bill Gates, now 64 years old, had co-founded Microsoft in 1975. With the help of his now-deceased partner, Paul Allen, the company had grown to be a multi-billion business, most notably known for its Windows computer operating system.

The announcement immediately propped industry analysts and commentators to look at the most recent works of the business magnate. Late last year, Microsoft revealed that it’s working on a Blockchain-based management service as well as a token to be used by the clients of its enterprise subsidiary, Azure. Gates, on the other hand, had independently rolled out his support for Crest, a group of fintech startups that provide Blockchain-based security solutions throughout Asia and Africa. Just recently, he issued $1.4 million to support Crest’s primary goal. Notably, these fintech companies aim to help unbanked populations gain access to financial services.

On a LinkedIn post, Gates revealed that he had already stepped down from his position on Berkshire Hathaway’s board. He shared that he wants to focus more on his global philanthropy works which include health and development, climate change, and education. Gates emphasized that the leadership at Microsoft and Berkshire has never been more reliable, and that he believes it is the right time to go and pursue his life’s more meaningful endeavors.


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