Bitcoin Continues To Break Records – Now Has More Worth Than Facebook


Amidst Bitcoin’s (BTC) persistent surge and continual new record-breaking highs – notably surpassing $40K per BTC mark, the crypto has now officially overtaken social media giant Facebook in terms of market cap, as per Asset Dash. As of press time, BTC holds a current market cap of over $770 billion. The crypto now sits 7th overall – just above Facebook’s $767 and presently below Tesla, whose founder, Elon Musk, just recently been crowned as the richest man in the world today.

On top of that, CoinMarketCap’s latest data report also shows that BTC managed to set an all-new high in trading volume with over $99 billion earlier today. According to said report, BTC’s price jumped by about $3,500 in the last 24 hours, which propelled it to its current price of over $40,000. Even more impressive is the fact that Bitcoin’s day-to-day trading volume now actually doubles Ethereum’s, which ‘only’ managed to process $46 billion in the same period.

These new record-highs are then supplemented by Unfolded, who stated that the total open interest for Bitcoin has now reached more than $10 billion today. According to the reports, the majority of BTC options open interest still belongs to Deribit with over $8.7 billion. It is then followed by OKEx and, with $669 million and $561 million, respectively.

All these have been a testament to how great BTC is currently doing right now. Considering that the interest for it is still in an imminent rise, one can only expect for these records to be broken once more, perhaps sooner rather than later.


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