Bitcoin Core’s 0.21.0 Upgrade Officially Goes Live – Introduces Descriptor Wallet Integration


The original software client of Bitcoin (BTC) created by Satoshi Nakamoto, officially launches its 21st major upgrade – Bitcoin Core 0.21.0. Supervised by Bitcoin Core’s lead maintainer, Wladimir van der Laan, the latest major update was reportedly developed by more than 100 different contributors within the past six months. The collaboration of these several brilliant minds led to one of the largest releases for Bitcoin Core for the past few years – notably emphasizing many new features on top of substantial performance and privacy upgrades.

What catches the interest of many, however, is Bitcoin Core 0.21.0’s introduction of the so-called “descriptor wallets,” which apparently can add more effective ways to secure Bitcoin wallets. Unlike traditional wallets, which require private keys, descriptor wallets use scripts instead, and thus, can provide more back end flexibility. Although said scripts can also integrate private keys to be more effective, it does not necessarily need them as to how current wallets do.

On top of that, many believe that descriptor wallets can prove more enticing and practical for application developers currently working on Bitcoin Core-based software. This notion is then supplemented by a particular Bitcoin Core developer who proposed to remove the current wallets in favor of the descriptor wallets starting today up until the year 2023.

While the descriptor wallet feature is definitely the headline, Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 also notably included several performance-enhancing improvements and bug fixes to its regular users’ delight. For a more comprehensive list and description of upgrades, you may refer to Bitcoin Core developer Andrew Chow’s blog post here.


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