Bitcoin Holdings of Grayscale just passed the $3 Billion Mark


The prominent digital management fund Grayscale, has grown significantly over the past few years as their total assets under management (AUM) hits newest of highs. According to the official tweet of Grayscale this May 19th, its total AUM has now successfully passed the $3 billion mark and now sits at approximately $3.8 billion. This development has seen their AUM surge over a whopping 80% from the $2.1 billion they once had last year’s May.

Bitcoin trust’s momentum is still on an upward trend

The Bitcoin (BTC) trust of Grayscale has consistently been at the very top compared to the other cryptos currently residing within the fund. Their Bitcoin holdings alone are amounting to 89% of its total AUM. That is roughly $3.36 billion. The total value of Grayscale’s Bitcoin investment trust gushed upwards by more than 76% from its previous number of $1.9 billion just this last year. Its Bitcoin trust, on the other hand, experienced a small drop. It went down from 94% compared to last year.

This significant upward spike of Grayscale’s Bitcoin trust came after the massive increase in BTC’s price year-to-year. At moment of this writing, Bitcoin trades values around the $9,000s which is roughly around 30% more from the $7000s it got from 2019.

Based on the observable data, Grayscale Ethereum (ETH) trust is now considered the second-largest trust among the ten total trusts housed within the fund. Grayscale’s ETH trust is accounted for the $239 million of the total AUM and is then immediately followed by Grayscale’s ETC trust, which holds roughly $73 million.

Just this April, Grayscale purportedly holds approximately 1.7% of its total Bitcoin supply within its Grayscale Bitcoin trust. At that particular time, the firm also declared that it just experienced its biggest quarter ever despite being amidst the economic crisis led by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


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