Bitcoin Market Capitalization Has Now Broken Past the $1 Trillion Mark; Did It Faster Than Google and Amazon


Bitcoin’s (BTC) noteworthy market runs within the past three months have now culminated to push its total market capitalization right past the illustrious $1 trillion milestone for the very first time. Within that same period, BTC managed to break new all-time highs almost every week, now notably trading above $55,000 per token in the market as of press time.

As a cherry on top of this excellent news for Bitcoin, reports point out that BTC reached the $1 trillion market cap much earlier than some of the company giants of today, namely Google and Amazon. Even though BTC started as a very niche asset, it only took it 12 years to become the worldwide enticing asset it is today. Conversely, Google and Amazon took several decades to reach the same feat.

While most will say that BTC reaching this milestone was inevitable evidenced by its market performance for the past few months, it was only less than a year wherein its market cap fell way below $100 billion due to the Black Thursday economic downfall.

2020 has been a mixed bag of surprises for Bitcoin. Although its value drastically fell on the year’s first months, notably dipping to only 4 digits for the first time in a long while, BTC’s late 2020 sparked the unprecedented influx of institutions and wealthy personalities towards the crypto in which sprung back its value and added a whole lot more.

Now, BTC is well on its way to grander heights. And with several rumors of more high-end institutions gearing up to enter the crypto market soon, BTC’s current remarkable and historic run may just be starting.


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