Bitcoin Mining Companies Converge to Create the Biggest Mining Farm Next Year


A merger agreement with its United States-based Whinstone was signed by German Bitcoin mining firm Northern Bitcoin to build what they claim as the world’s largest mining farm.


Whinstone has already spearheaded in building the said mining farm, according to the press release issued by Northern Bitcoin last November 18.


Northern Bitcoin is a technology company based in Frankfurt, Germany, that focuses on bitcoin Blockchains. It is a stock-traded company that was established last year and specialized in maintainable bitcoin mining. Northern Bitcoin operates a mining farm on renewable energy located in Norway.


The bitcoin mining facility, which is allegedly the largest data center in North America, is anticipated to hold a capacity of one gigawatt on over 100-acre area in Texas.

The initial stage of the construction, which is estimated to happen in the first quarter of 2020, will already have a 300-megawatt capacity. The first phase is estimated to be finished in the fourth quarter of the year mentioned above.


It was reported that the first two clients to take advantage of the upcoming bitcoin mining facility would be two publicly traded conglomerates. These two clients will use a substantial portion of its capacity for bitcoin mining.


Notably, after the completion of the said firm, the data center will additionally permit the acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI) and video rendering applications.




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