Bitcoin Users Can Now Book Airbnb Accommodations Using Fold App


Fold App, a mobile shopping platform that supports Bitcoin (BTC) and its associated Lightning Network (LN), announced that app users can now book and pay Airbnb accommodations with BTC. With every transaction, users can redeem 3% of their Bitcoin expenses. 

According to the announcement, Fold’s rewards program dubbed Fold Kickbacks, has listed Airbnb as its newest member. This program, which was first introduced in July, allows users to purchase gift cards for BTC worth $25 or $100 with a 3% incentive. 

Airbnb would be joining other major retail industry players such as Amazon, Uber, and Starbucks. However, the app can only be used by customers living in the United States, Canada, UK, Mexico, Australia, and Ireland, in which the service is subjected to brands. However, Fold App announced that it has plans to expand its services in Europe. 

As part of the expansion plan, Fold raised funds from investors and added a payment service that supports fiat currencies. According to the firm’s official statement, around $2.5 million was allotted to the project. The new feature which was launched in September allows app users to pay for their in-store and online purchases using Bitcoin and fiat money. However, to enjoy the service, they must first integrate their Bitcoin Lightning wallet or credit card with the app.  

Currently, aside from Bitcoin, Fold App doesn’t support other cryptocurrencies. However, the firm announced that supporting other digital currencies in the future is one of the services being considered in terms of pursuing growth and adoption. 


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