Bitcoin’s Momentous Run – Surpassing $336B Market Cap and Registering 25K Addresses In A Single Hour


Bitcoin is on such positive momentum as of recently that it manages to break records left and right almost effortlessly. Amidst this momentous run, Bitcoin’s market cap surpassed $340 billion, which actually puts it atop of prominent US-based tech company Nvidia based on market capitalization.

According to the latest aggregated data of CoinMarketCap and Macro Trends, both companies are seeing major upticks this 2020. For instance, Bitcoin’s market price surged by about 400% after it plummeted to only $4,000 this past January, putting its current price value at over $18,000 as of press time.

If it isn’t apparent yet, interest in the crypto is at its most recent high. This is further reinforced by the fact that the network managed to register about 25,000 new Bitcoin addresses in just a span of an hour. According to Glassnode, this unprecedented level of interest in Bitcoin was last seen two years ago, wherein the market price for the digital asset reached the $20,000 all-time record. 

This development has also piqued the interest of many prominent personalities in the world today. Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a Mexican billionaire and Group Salinas founder, notably confirmed on his personal Twitter account that 10% of his liquid portfolio is committed to Bitcoin exclusively. He has so much faith in the crypto that he went as far as stating that it safeguards the citizens from the expropriation attempts of the government. On top of that, as Coinmod reported yesterday, famous English actress Maisie Williams have also confirmed on her Twitter account her entry to Bitcoin investments.

As impressive as all this may appear already, it is worth noting that Bitcoin’s current trend is still on an upward trajectory. We may find ourselves reading more Bitcoin record-breaking news sooner rather than later if this run actually persists.


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