Bitmain Opens Bitcoin Mining Facility in Texas, the Largest in the World


Bitmain, a leading manufacturer of chips for application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), announced via a press release the opening of its new Bitcoin mining facility in Rockdale, Texas. Bitmain claims that it is the largest facility in the world.

According to the details shared with news outlets, Bitmain had completed the project with the help of DMG Blockchain Solutions, a technology firm based in Canada. It was also mentioned that the Rockdale Municipal Development District had extended its full support for Bitmain’s project as well. The press release also emphasized that the new BTC mining facility aims to boost Rockdale’s local economy. 

The Bitcoin mining facility is located on a site that previously served as a smelter location. According to reports, it was formerly owned by Alcoa, a leading American aluminum company based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

The press release also specified that the Bitmain’s Bitcoin mining facility covers 33,000-acres of the site, leaving plenty of room for the planned 300MW expansion in the future. Currently, the facility has a 25MW capacity, with ongoing works to make it a 50MW facility.

DMG Blockchain Solutions, the firm that would be responsible for providing hosting and management services, has already pledged to help Bitmain in ensuring the efficiency of the operations. Furthermore, it would play a significant role in expanding the capacity of the current facility. Meanwhile, the on-ground team would be established with the help of the Rockdale Municipal Development District.  

Bitmain emphasized in the press release its commitment to boosting Rockdale’s economy. Aside from getting a local workforce, Bitmain would work with Rockdale suppliers until the completion of the remaining construction works. Furthermore, the energy would be purchased from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Rockdale’s local electric grid operator. 

Interestingly, Bitmain targets to educate the locals about Blockchain technology and Bitcoin mining as well. According to the news release, the firm’s representatives have already contacted Rockdale’s school district to talk about the educational initiative.

According to Bitmain’s Lead Project Manager in Rockdale, Clinton Brown, the launch of the mining facility represents a massive step towards achieving global adoption for BTC. the exchange’s funds held by TCA on behalf of Global Trade Solutions AG, a firm that has been operating as “Crypto Capital.” 



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