’s Current Bitcoin Reserves Hit 140,000 BTC; Doubles the Total Market Cap of EOS


Several reports show that has currently amassed 140,000 BTC in crypto holdings – now doubling the total market cap of EOS. Notably, converting that extensive Bitcoin holding to current prices, presently holds over $5.5 billion worth of assets in its reserves.

Despite being on a noticeable decline as of these past months, currently joining Ripple (XRP) in the list of crypto companies performing unwell in the market, an industry expert still believe that EOS has the potential to be an enticing risk/reward asset today.

CIO of Arca and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Jeff Dorman, asserted this notion based on the asset’s comparison with’s very deep BTC holdings. According to the Dorman, at a market value of $2.77 per token, EOS’ market cap is currently above $2.6 billion; despite that, it actually only amounts to 47% of its BTC holdings. This means that investors can purchase BTCs by buying EOS for only $18,771 – comparing that to BTC’s current market price of over $35,000 – that is indeed a considerable discount.

However, Dorman warns that actually doing so means that you would be taking a risk, as investors are basically putting all of their trust in and EOS’ management. And as much as they deny it; aren’t really doing much to instill investors’ confidence. Taking that into account, Dorman suggests for and EOS to establish a tangible value for its holders, as failure to do so may actually lead to several high-profile lawsuits.

He then concludes by stating that doing so may lessen the substantial gap between’s BTC holdings and EOS’ market cap – unlocking the actual value of EOS.


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