Bloq Lab Released a New Product that Aims to Streamline the Complex Processes of Crypto Farming


Bloq Lab proudly announced the launching of a new product that aims to simplify the setup and management of Blockchain miners in global farms.

The software is called Titan, and it is a web-based mining manager that can streamline the process of large setups. You need to install the software onto the machine. Afterward, a server must be activated to gather information from the miners included in your network.

Upon collection, Titan sorts the information and presents them to you in an organized list. The analysis should make it easier for you to learn more about the status of your network in an instant. From there, you can better manage uptime and security. Moreover, the software can monitor overclocking. This feature allows you to determine the current status of running machines.  

According to the CEO and co-founder of Bloq Lab, Ryan Condron, the company is in the process of creating an automation layer which simplifies the complicated tasks in farm management. He also added that the web-based tool is in public beta at Titan.i.o.

Furthermore, Mr. Condron added that the software works right away after installation. It gives you the eyes to see the on-boarding devices while effectively providing security and optimization during the process. In the end, Titan routes its hash power to the most significant point at any moment.

What are Titan’s Best Features?

Bloq Lab possesses granular control over each device. It means that they can monitor the chip temperatures and try to overclock if necessary. To be able to see the incoming information within the pool, the company also shares its auditing through the software. The CEO also said that Titan has the power to eliminate the most significant issues the mining farms currently deals with due to the utilization of a public pool. Bloq’ Labs’ Titan software also eliminates the issue of wrong work credits because it monitors each miner and their work respectively.

Bloq Lab is confident that Titan can easily dominate the market because of its easy-to-use and amazing features. The software requires a one-click installation, and the process is smooth as well. Once the miners connect to the network, you can monitor them anytime and anywhere you are. You can even update root passwords if needed.

What’s more interesting is the confirmation from Condron that Titan is a global tool. It means that you can connect miners remotely as necessary. Furthermore, the product is compatible with a variety of mining rigs such as S11 and AntMiner S9, among others.

Condron specified in his speech that the central concept behind Titan’s creation is to simplify mining as much as possible. He also mentioned the company’s goal to make mining a stable activity. Bloq Lab also announced the creation of the Titan Marketplace that allows miners to take a part of their hash power and put up the portion on the market for the benefits of others.

Titan is about to launch this summer while the plans for Marketplace kickstarts in the fall. Interested users can watch out for the product’s availability at Consensus 2019.


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