Brave Browser Rolls Out New Binance Widget for 13M Users


A Tuesday announcement from Brave Software is proof that the wars between crypto browsers are fast heating up. According to the firm’s press release, users of Brave’s Nightly now has the option to perform crypto trading without exiting the browser.

The CEO of Brave Software, Branden Eich, proudly shared that this new development aims to make cryptocurrencies more usable and more accessible for their people. Currently, Eich revealed that they have over 1.6 million users who are engaging in crypto dealings. Notably, these users are participants of the BAT Rewards Program. With the help of major crypto exchange Binance, they can now make instant trades without leaving Brave Nightly. 

Notably, the new Binance Widget is still under the testing phase. New developments are being made every night, with the ultimate goal of introducing the widget on the main version in April. 

Eich also explained that users could use their preexisting accounts in Binance to sign into the new widget. What’s more interesting is that all users worldwide would be able to enjoy the new feature, including the United States. Notably, all of the trading pairs supported by Binance’s localized version would be available to Brave users. 

However, Eich clarified that while the new widget is primarily designed for crypto trading, it still lacks some of Binance’s advanced features. But in terms of security and privacy, he emphasized that users have nothing to worry about as the widget is directly built into the browser. Since it is not a remotely embedded document, it will not affect the privacy of the users. In terms of API calls, Eich explained that it would only be connected to Binance once OAuth user authentication is made. This configuration can put users at ease since the browser relies on Binance’s KYC and AML procedures, and the crypto exchange is known for its compliance with the industry guidelines and standards. 

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, expressed his delight about the partnership. Notably, the collaboration between his company and Brave provides millions of users a safer and more convenient way of buying, selling, and trading crypto. He added that they would never stop finding new ideas that would further promote crypto adoption and functionality. 

It’s worth noting that just recently, Opera, an old-school browser, had launched a new feature that also aims to enhance crypto buying power last week. According to industry analysts, as more and more browsers work on crypto integration, the dream of having an Internet with cryptocurrencies seems to be just around the corner. 


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