BTC Banking In Nebraska Inches In Closer than Ever


Nebraska is becoming more and more likely to be the very second state within the United States to introduce an official crypto-based banking charter – following only arguably the most crypto-friendly destination, Wyoming. This past Monday, Nebraska’s senators voted favorably on a bill that purposefully allows firms to register as official digital asset banks, enabling them to offer crypto services such as purchasing and selling Bitcoin (BTC).

As per the reports, the particular bill garnered a significant majority of the lawmakers’ votes. Nebraska Financial Innovation Act received 39 approval votes to proceed further into its next phase of becoming law. Notably, only one lawmaker disapproved.

Republican Mike Flood, the bill’s introducer, states that he came up with the bill after a lengthy discussion with an entrepreneur friend who decided to migrate into Wyoming for the sole purpose of penetrating the crypto market more effectively. Flood adds that Nebraska has the chance to follow Wyoming’s pioneering footsteps regarding cryptocurrencies, which, in turn, could translate to more tech and finance job opportunities for its citizens.

Although many recognize its massive potential, the majority believe that the bill is still nowhere close to actually becoming a passing law. With that being said, Flood’s bill moving into its next stage still signifies lawmaker’s now-growing faith in cryptocurrencies.


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