BTC Inches In On A New All-Time High of $60,000 the Same Time PayPal Officially Launched Its Crypto Services


In simultaneous to PayPal’s official launching of its crypto payments services, Bitcoin (BTC) jumped past the $59,000 mark as it inches its way to a new notable all-time high of $60,000. As per the data report of Tradingview, this short jump in BTC’s price marked the highest for the crypto within the past ten days. At the same time, Reuters report that PayPal is on the verge of formally announcing its long-awaited crypto service feature in the US later today.

PayPal CEO and President Dan Schulman commented positively on this latest development on the payments giant. According to him, this would be the first time an individual could seamlessly utilize their crypto holdings pretty much the same way as handling any debit or credit card within PayPal wallets. Schulman then added that they believe that the world is in a transitional point where cryptos are no longer an asset niche class. It is now a legitimate funding alternative that could facilitate real-world transactions for millions of merchants worldwide. They couldn’t be any happier to be a part of it.

Although PayPal’s incoming crypto services aren’t exclusive to BTC, the news of its launching hitting the web impacted the crypto’s price favorably – in fact, significantly. As briefly tackled upon above, BTC’s market price value surged over $59,000, crushing the dominant crypto’s previous all-time high from last month of $58,300. Many now believe that the payments giant incoming official entry to crypto payments services would push BTC’s global market price to $60,000, and perhaps even higher.



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