Bukele Hints at the Country’s Upcoming Geothermal BTC Mining Farm on Twitter


Nayib Bukele, Bitcoin (BTC) proponent and president of El Salvador, posted on his Twitter profile yesterday a video clip showcasing several images of the work being done by LaGeo in the upcoming El Salvador-based geothermal BTC mining farm.

The short video explicitly shows a number of workers actively connecting a massive black shipping container branding the inscription of “Government of El Salvador” on the side and several mining rigs.

Despite not providing much insight on the video – only captioning his post with the phrase “first steps” and emojis, the president’s latest tweet got its citizens excited for the upcoming prospect of mining BTCs using the country’s volcanoes.

This development follows up on the previous statement by Bukele last June when he announced that he had directed the geothermal electric company LaGeo to harness the energy coming from the country’s volcanoes to mine even more BTCs.

And due to the leading crypto now being an official legal tender in El Salvador, having the chance to do so would undoubtedly provide even more benefits to those currently participating in the president’s crypto program.

With all that being said, this move by the government of El Salvador reaffirms the vast potential for BTC proponents aiming to cut on the crypto’s carbon footprint through the utilization of several renewable energy sources.


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