Cardano CEO Says Big Things Are Coming for the Blockchain Firm This February


Cardano’s CEO and co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, anticipates a hard fork for his Blockchain firm in the middle of February this year. The announcement was made on January 17 via a live stream.

Hoskinson said that the consensus algorithm of Cardano (ADA) is ready for upgrade next month. The decision was finalized after a thorough analysis of the Blockchain’s infrastructure. Notably, everything looks good, so the implementation of the Ouroboros Bizantine Fault-Tolerant Consensus Protocol (OBTF) would go as planned.

As emphasized by the CEO, the OBTF protocol is the key to all the improvements needed to be done on the Blockchain. However, he didn’t specify the changes he is talking about. Instead, he announced that Cardano and its partners are working closely to ensure that all the infrastructures are ready for the hard fork.

During the livestream, Hoskinson also mentioned the latest progress regarding the upcoming integration of the Ledger hardware wallet with the Daedalus Cardano wallet software. The CEO noted that the project is almost ready to launch.

Aside from these noteworthy developments, Hoskinson also confirmed that Emburgo, the company’s Blockchain arm, has partnered up with the Uzbekistan government to form a Blockchain council. According to him, the task force would be responsible for developing rules and guidelines for security token offerings and crypto exchanges.

Good things are indeed in the foreseeable future of Cardano. Just recently, the company rolled out a new test network. During the first day alone, ADA holders staked 5 billion coins, which equates to a rough estimate of $195 million. The whopping figure reflects the positive support of Cardano’s clients towards the network’s operations.


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