Indian Government to Issue a National Framework for Blockchain Deployment

The government of India is planning to utilize a national framework in hopes of supporting the broader distribution of Blockchain use cases. As...

Switzerland Pushes to Eradicate Blockchain Development Barriers

A revised plan that intends to remove barriers with regards to development based on distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and Blockchain was pushed...

A Central Bank Exec Reveals that Ghana is Exploring Digitized National Currency

The governor of Ghana’s central bank broadcasted that the said republic is in the process of exploring the advantages of central bank...

The Cryptocurrency Law in Thailand is Foreseen to Change in 2020 to Stay Competitive

  Thailand-based lawmakers are planning to restructure the country’s cryptocurrency laws after hearing concerns that they have made the country uncompetitive.   As per the...

25,000 Chinese Blockchain Firms Tried to Issue Their Own Cryptocurrencies

89% of Blockchain firms were allegedly accused of generating their own digital currency, according to a senior official at a local blockchain...

EU to Allot €400M on AI and Blockchain-focused Initiatives

The European Commission announced on November 20 a new investment scheme that would enable Europe to stand firm against top tech competitors,...