Coinbase Adds Notable Executives from Adobe, Venmo, and Google under Its Banner


As announced by Coinbase on its official website, the major crypto exchange has now hired Ravi Byakod, Shilpa Dhar, and Frank Yoo – notable former executives of Adobe, Venmo, and Google, respectively. Along with this huge announcement, Coinbase also revealed that it is developing a particular “Platforms” team governing its engineering and product organizations. The newly hired Byakod and Dhar would be seated as the heads of this newly-proposed team.

Ravi Byakod was a former executive of Adobe, and even before that, he worked as a senior engineer at Google, Flipkart, and eBay. On the other hand, Shilpa Dhar was the former head of products in Venmo and has ten years of working experience under Paypal.

Lastly, Frank Yoo, who will now sit as the new vice president for the R&D division of Coinbase, was a former lead designer and researcher for Google’s GSuite. He also had notable tenures in Yahoo!, Linkedin, and Lyft.

Coinbase expects Byakod, Dhar, and Yoo to add quality leadership to its divisions. It is also worth mentioning that the trio is seemingly excited with their new positions, evidenced by their immediate Linkedin profile information changes – stating their positions at Coinbase even prior to the announcement.


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