Coinbase Announces Its Acquisition of Skew


Coinbase announced earlier today its acquisition of the London-based data aggregator startup Skew in the effort of integrating real-time analytics within the exchange specifically for its expanding institutional investors. As of press time, no conclusive monetary figures are disclosed to be part of the acquisition deal.

According to the exchange’s announcement, Skew will promptly be integrated into its institutional investor-specific platform, Coinbase Prime. Greg Tusar, vice president of Coinbase Prime, states that the acquisition represents the firm’s dedication to serving its ever-growing institutional market with the most excellent of service. He adds that the firm recognizes that high-quality analytics is crucial for any institutional-based investment, especially when dealing with crypto assets. That is exactly what they aim to bring through their integration of Skew.

However, when asked whether or not Skew users would gain the return access to the platform mentioned above, or skewAnalytics would remain a separate product, Coinbase’s spokesperson only stated that such particular matters are still to be decided.

This surging focus of exchanges towards institutional investors came following the overall institutional trade volumes going off the roof since the second quarter of 2019. So much, in fact, that by the final strands of last year, 64% of all trades came from institutions.

Notably, the deal is expected to finalize this second quarter of 2021.


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