Coinbase Expands Its Reach Even Further; Acquires Bison Trails


Prominent US crypto firm, Coinbase, announced this Tuesday its official purchase of Bison Trails, extending its recent buying spree to elevate its products – this time focusing on blockchain infrastructure.

Established three years ago, Bison Trails is a blockchain infrastructure supplier firm that has quickly made an excellent impression within the industry. The company’s pioneering effort to combat double signing messages, which is currently considered as one of the most significant risks associated with blockchain, has been commended throughout, further establishing a solid reputation for its own.

According to Coinbase’s announcement, it intends to bring the enticing and comprehensive blockchain technology of Bison Trails to the rest of the world in the hopes of developing even more productive projects for the betterment of the industry. It then notes that Bison Trails will still be granted to function as a standalone product despite the purchase.

Bison Trails reaffirmed that Coinbase’s acquisition would not affect its established mission to supply its users with the superior-quality infrastructure across multiple blockchains on the company’s separate announcement. Basically, the firm states that nothing would change for the worse – all developments are now expected to be for both parties’ betterment.

It is worth noting that Coinbase’s purchase of Bison Trails is actually its second acquisition of a noteworthy firm this month. This past January 7th, Coinbase purchased Routefire in the hopes of boosting its trade execution and to further safeguard its operations against outages that may occur during periods of extreme volatility.

The exact or approximate figure involved in the acquisition is not yet disclosed by both firms as of press time.



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