Coinbase Pro to Extend Trading Support for DASH Token


On September 12, a post published by Medium confirmed that Coinbase’s professional platform would start accepting deposits of DASH token on Monday. The service will open 12 hours earlier than the scheduled roll-out of full trading which is set on September 17 at 9 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). 

According to Coinbase, a US-based crypto exchange platform, Coinbase Pro has to have a sufficient supply of the new token first before DASH/USD trading can be allowed. Moreover, the order books for DASH/BTC would be carried out in phases. It would begin in a “post-only” mode. The proceedings would be monitored and should the platform met the metrics of a healthy market, Coinbase Pro would allow full trading. 

Limited service availability

In the blog post, Coinbase Pro also clarified that the most recent feature is not available on a global scale. Only those clients who are based in Coinbase’s supported countries would be able to enjoy the new service. The New York City and the United Kingdom are exempted as well. However, Coinbase Pro emphasized that new regions might be added soon. 

According to the crypto exchange, DASH token is accepted and supported by more than 4,000 merchants across the globe. However, despite being an optimized token for payments with privacy features and optional speed, Coinbase Pro would not support the cryptocurrency, at least as of yet. 

In July, Coinmod reported that Coinbase’s professional trading platform also extended its support for XTZ (Tezos). 


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