Craig Wright Claims Satoshi Nakamoto Plagiarized His Creation


During his speech at the recently-held CC London Investment in Blockchain and AI Forum 2019, Australian computer scientist and businessman Craig Wright claimed that he wrote the Bitcoin white paper, and called Satoshi Nakamoto a plagiarist.  

For years, Wright has been publicly claiming that Satoshi Nakamoto is only a pseudonym that he and his late business partner Dave Kleiman had used while working on the original code for Bitcoin. However, the industry widely regarded his claims as a hoax. 

In the conference, Wright announced that he holds the ultimate proof that would convince people that he is the creator of Bitcoin. Notably, he was referring to a thesis he wrote in 2008. 

During his explanation, Wright said that Satoshi Nakamoto had copied sections of his thesis and included them in Bitcoin’s white paper. Unwarily, he had referred to Nakamoto in the third person, and upon realizing it, he sidestepped the mistake and snapped that it’s either he is Satoshi or Satoshi had copied his work. Wright also said that he doesn’t care whether people would believe his claims or not. 

After Dave Kleiman’s sudden passing in 2013, Craig Wright started claiming that he is part of the team that is responsible for creating Bitcoin. However, in recent years, he had changed his argument and claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. He even sued some personalities in the industry who had bluntly denounced his claim. 

In 2018, the brother of late David Kleiman filed a $10 billion lawsuit against the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin. As claimed by Ira Kleiman, Wright was trying to seize his brother’s Bitcoin holdings. 

In late August, Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered Wright to turn over half of his Bitcoin assets to Kleiman estate, along with other intellectual properties acquired by Wright before 2014.  


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