Craig Wright to Negotiate with the Kleiman Case


Craig Wright, an Australian businessman and computer scientist, is once again the subject of discussions in the crypto industry following his latest move about the Kleiman court case. The man who claims the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is currently facing a court battle that is likely to reap off his wealth in Bitcoin.

In 2018, Ira Kleiman filed a $10 billion lawsuit against Craig Wright. The plaintiff is the brother Dave Kleiman, the late business partner of Wright. According to Ira Kleiman, the Australian entrepreneur was trying to take hold of his brother’s Bitcoin assets.

In August, Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart of Florida’s Southern District issued an initial ruling. He ordered Wright to return more than half of his BTC holding, along with intellectual properties that were acquired before 2014 to Kleiman’s family. 

Before the final ruling comes out, Craig Wright seemed to realize what he’s about to lose. On September 17, he filed a document with the district court of Southern Florida, requesting for an extension to discuss a settlement with the plaintiffs.

The document states that talks between the two parties are currently ongoing. Both the defendant and the plaintiffs are requesting for a one-month extension to finalize settlement discussions. 

The filing indicates that the “meetings” between the two parties involve extensive matters. Furthermore, it has been reported that the Wright and the Kleimans entered a non-binding agreement prior to the discussion of the settlement details and terms.

Wright’s lawyer emphasized that both parties want a settlement and respectfully plead to the court to allow the extension. In case the magistrate judge allows, Wright would be able to shrug off significant deadlines in the court case such as disclosing expert witness. According to the defendant’s legal representative, Wright is planning to oppose the judge’s sanctions order next week.

Notably, Craig Wright failed to appear credible to the eyes of Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart. Furthermore, the judge wasn’t able to find something that would prove Wright’s claim as Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious man behind the creation of Bitcoin.




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