Craig Wright Gets Slammed by Owners of BTC Addresses He Flaunts He Owns


The self-claimed creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright is currently battling a particular lawsuit in which he must prove that he is indeed what he claims he is – the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto himself. To prove that he is Nakamoto, he must be able to provide the keys to the series of addresses.

Wright has provided the court with a list of the said addresses. However, just over this weekend, the legit owner of the 145 of the addresses Wright listed suddenly came up and labeled Wright as a fraud and a liar.

The actual owner used these addresses to sign a message to expose him of not having the keys used in order to write that particular message. In short, what Wright reported to the court was not his.

This message was spotted by a certain user on Reddit who noted that the addresses he or she found out were from the year 2009 and is perhaps owned by the “true” inventor of Bitcoin. However, BitMEX’s researchers see otherwise. After thorough examination of the blockchain to conclude such speculations, they have come up with the definitive answer that the addresses do not seem likely to belong to Satoshi either.

Craig Wright and his legal battles

Wright is currently involved in several high-profile legal battles, such as the ongoing Kleiman V. Wright lawsuit that involves multi-billion dollars as filed by Ira Kleiman, the brother of David Kleiman, an already-deceased business partner of Wright.

Ira Kleiman accuses Wright of stealing intellectual property on top of half of the former team’s entire Bitcoin holdings, which purportedly equates to $9.7 billion.


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