Is Set To Improve Its MCO Visa Card Service by Expanding Onto Canada


The leading platform for crypto payments,, has announced its plans to expand its services to Canada as paved by their newly received regulatory approval of its Visa card program. Soon, they intend to launch MCO Visa Cards within the country.

MCO Visa cards are specific prepaid cards that are designed to have the ability to store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ether (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and even’s very own MCO token.

The company stated that Canadian residents will now be enabled to book their respective crypto cards via a three-minute purchaser onboarding process and ID verification using the associated mobile application.

This improvement came just a few days after the company declared its plans to expand its MCO Visa card services to 27 countries across the entire European Union, including United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland. As we may remember, the company has already successfully lengthened its services to Singapore back in 2018 and has officially launched within the United States last year’s July.

Following its expansion across the European territories, the company confidently claimed that its card is the most prominent crypto card available today.’s CEO, Kris Marszalek, stated that the company’s ultimate goal is to enable their card to reach global status.

Crypto cards significant impact regarding adoption

Crypto credit and debit cards are now rapidly becoming more available to the market as it readily allows users to spend as much crypto as they want without having to go through the exhausting process of manually trading them into fiat currency.

There are now millions of merchants all over the world that accepts card payments, with Visa and Mastercard as the leading payment service providers. That said, by working with these prominent solution providers, crypto firms may render crypto payments as easily as that of the aforementioned fiat. And once they do so, adoption will be so much easier and accessible.

Lastly, this February 2020, the major cryptocurrency firm Coinbase just became an integral member of Visa. This development authorized the company to hand out its very own debit cards without having to depend on third parties.


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