Crypto Goes Pop as Nike Ventures into the Technology


Crypto Goes Pop as Nike Ventures into the Technology

Cryptocurrency didn’t have a beautiful beginning. Unlike the followers of other trades, people who support the crypto craze were seen as blind cults instead of being called fans. What pushed this notion is the concept that crypto as a technology is still inceptive and has yet to prove anything in the field. Nonetheless, it developed into a worldwide phenomenon that it is today in no time. The word cryptocurrency regularly appear in the headlines of mainstream news, eventually making its way into major controversies all over the world. Despite its flawed start, the young industry of crypto is now on a boosted trip of rapid growth and conventional finance infiltration.

With the technology made to focus on finance commerce, people might be quick to think that its technicality is just that – a financial innovation. However, its development is slowly gearing towards the pop culture, and might as well be the newest trend in the entertainment. The exciting part comes in where the famous movies, personalities, and apparel giant Nike endeavored to connect themselves together with the promising innovation.

From CryptoCreeps to CryptoKicks

As strange as it appears the sportswear and apparel giant is reportedly venturing the crypto world. In fact, they have already applied to United States Patent and Trademark Office to claim trademark rights to the phrase “Cryptokicks.” Apparently, the motive behind the transaction is more than just making people wear the crypto theme.

Incorporated in the notes of the company’s application is their proposal for “online marketplace services”. This aims to provide the sellers and buyers of digital currency a marketplace. With that said, there would be more to it than the production of clothes and shoes branding the crypto theme. Limited details made its round, but one can take note of good points.

For one, Nike expressed their objective to divulge relevant information on “customization of crypto-collectibles,” though where it refers to remains unclear. Nike products that are Crypto-themed make one possibility. Aside from that, the multinational sportswear corporation also seeks to generate a website which would

Enable users to purchase, earn & receive by other methods, as well as to transfer & store blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, tokens, coins, and furthermore crypto-assets. This feature is yet another promotion of budding technology.

Onto the Pop Culture

Nike isn’t the only idol that discovered the significance of cryptocurrency, seeing how it has towards the world of modern pop. Just recently, rap artist Lil Pump broke the news when he accepted Bitcoin payment method for his online store wherein he promotes & sells his merchandise.

A more eminent occurrence is how mainstream artists such as Eminem and Soulja Boy articulated their awareness by composing songs referring to Bitcoin. Aside from the music industry, movie entertainment also released a movie entitled “Crypto,” which unfortunately shared the same introduction with the technology as a whole. A conflicting mix of reactions and criticisms countered the production of what is yet to be another exhibition of the technology’s invasion of the pop culture.



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