Crypto Interest in Indonesia Leads Global Ranking This 2021


Australia-based blockchain analytics startup Coinformant released a comprehensive report detailing the massive global growth of crypto adoption. According to their findings, Indonesia tops the chart as the world leader in the particular statistic this 2021 after tallying an ultra-impressive figure of 1,772% increase in the total number of people engaging in cryptocurrencies.

Diving deeper into the report, Indonesia also managed to top Coinformant’s crypto interest score with 5.73 out of 10. This score purportedly factors out the total number of Google searches made by the country’s citizens, the cumulative published crypto-based articles, the total crypto ownership figures, and increased engagement levels. The two countries immediately following Indonesia, Chile and Argentina, posted a score of 5.26 and 4.79, respectively.

Despite taking the top spot in the overall interest surge towards cryptocurrencies, Indonesia is still several miles off from ever competing with the likes of the United States in terms of total crypto engagement and a myriad of other factors. A representative from Coinformant explained that the recent study aims to highlight the countries experiencing massive growths in crypto interest and not those looking to topple the US as the number one crypto adopter.


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