Crypto-Related Job Postings in America Jumped By an Insane 395% Last Year


As per the recently published analysis report by the prominent job-hunting site LinkedIn, crypto-related job postings in the United States alone jumped by an insane 395% in 2021. This growth rate of hiring in the field of crypto has now officially outpaced the overarching tech industry, which posted “only” a 98% increase for the same period.

Interestingly, postings for crypto-related jobs aren’t now exclusively from crypto-based businesses. Some of today’s most recognizable enterprises, such as Fidelity, Amazon, Twitter, Meta, and other Wall Street firms, have now also come into the fold.

As impressive as this trend may already appear to be, it does not show any signs of slowing down for this year as well. Only a bit more than half a month removed from the first month of 2022, several industry exchanges have posted an overwhelming amount of crypto-related job posts. As of press time, Binance has over 600 job openings, Kraken has 300, while Coinbase has over 250.

LinkedIn’s analysis report also implied that Miami, Denver, and Austin as new emerging hubs – being among the top destinations with the most recorded crypto job postings as several crypto firms settled within the last year as well.

While a career in the crypto field is indeed at its best nowadays, people are seemingly still unconvinced about the benefits crypto possesses. Most comments on the LinkedIn analysis post were from the bewildered audience still unsure how crypto has value. Some even went as far as stating the risks inherent to the industry to discourage others from even exploring the emerging sector.



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