David Marcus: Facebook Is Undoubtedly Interested In NFTs


Co-creator of Facebook’s project Diem and current financial head of the social media giant, David Marcus, confirmed this Wednesday that Facebook is indeed interested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and is presently looking for ways to get involved with the particular sector.

According to Marcus, the world-renowned social media platform is currently in an excellent position to venture forth into the NFT space via its new digital wallet. Although implying that Facebook is on the verge of making a move, Marcus remained steadfast to not share any specific plans as of yet.

The new digital wallet the Facebook executive referred to is Novi, the firm’s dedicated crypto wallet. As per Marcus, having such an excellent and promising crypto wallet such as the Novi could force anyone to contemplate how they may better help consumers support NFTs – and Facebook is no different.

He added that the Novi crypto wallet is bound to launch fully after undergoing stringent testing and development processes for more than two years. He has also confirmed that the firm has put the crypto wallet’s launch on hold as it awaits approval from regulators to proceed further with the aforementioned Diem project.

That being said, Marcus then stated that Facebook could still potentially release Novi if Diem could no longer proceed, albeit as a last resort, as they believe that both projects are necessary for them moving forward.


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