Decentralized Blogging Project in Ethereum, Mirror, Officially Opens its Doors for Everyone


Following its initial launch last December 2020, Ethereum-based decentralized officially announced that all creators may now fully utilize the platform. Before this development, creators could only begin accessing Mirror by earning a specific number of votes in the protocol’s weekly Wednesday WRITE Race.

After that, present Mirror users would then be given 2 hours to promptly vote on the interested applicants using their respective WRITE tokens. The leading ten candidates in the aforementioned voting process would be gifted one WRITE token, which they could exchange to be featured in the blogging platform.

At first glance, Mirror may appear just the same as any other blogging platform we have today. However, what separates it from the rest of the crowd is its expert incorporation of several crypto features. For example, Mirror enables users to log in and to signposts using their ETH wallet, on top of utilizing Arweave, a blockchain-based storage project, to back up user posts permanently and strengthen its resistance to censorships.

The protocol isn’t satisfied with just that, though. For the past few months, Mirror has incorporated more crypto-based financial elements that allow user monetization and many more.

Given that the blogging project is now open for everyone, the WRITE Race mentioned above will no longer be necessary for someone looking to publish their works in Mirror. That being said, Mirror plans to reward those who underwent the process just before this particular announcement. The specific nature of said rewards remains a mystery as of press time.


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