Deloitte Survey: Over 80% of Finance Executives Believe Blockchain Has Indeed Gone Mainstream


According to the latest survey conducted by the prominent auditing firm Deloitte titled: “2021 Global Blockchain Survey,” the majority of executives within the financial services sector firmly believe that blockchain tech has already achieved mainstream status.

Deloitte’s survey, which involves 1,280 senior practitioners and executives, was conducted last March 24 up to April 10, 2021. Breaking down the survey participants, one-third of them currently reside in the United States. The rest come from Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, the UAE, China, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, and Germany.

Diving even deeper into the Big Four auditing company survey, about 73% of survey participants have also expressed their concerns that their respective firms may potentially lose an edge in the market if they do not integrate blockchain or digital assets soon. On top of that, 78% of the respondents have also gone on to say that cryptocurrencies will play an integral part within the finance industry in the next two years and so.

While the survey could indeed be interpreted as being bullish towards the overall crypto space, it is also worth mentioning that majority of the respondents have also implied that cyber security is still a significant concern. Furthermore, 73% of them said that regulatory barriers are the main obstacle for more excellent crypto adoption. In comparison, 65% believe that the current financial infrastructure is the main culprit for such a hindrance.

Nevertheless, Deloitte’s survey shows that blockchain and crypto have indeed gone far. Gone were the days when the space was just considered a specific niche. It is now widely considered a crucial part of the finance sector moving forward.


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