DeversiFi 2.0 Is Attracting an Influx of Institutional Investors, Says Spokesperson


DeversiFi 2.0, a software implementation designed to enhance users’ privacy and scalability, has been receiving an influx of support from institutional investors. According to the company’s spokesperson, the development in the pipeline of funds can be attributed to zk-STARK. This Ethereum-backed privacy layer can protect the trading strategies of users against their rivals.

It’s worth noting that DeversiFi had been once an exchange operating under Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange. Back in 2017, the company was known as Ethfinex. In 2019, a spun-out took place, and the company rebranded itself as DeversiFi. However, attention to the company’s software piled up only when the newest version was released last Wednesday.

But, as emphasized by the spokesperson, institutional clients had already expressed their interest in integrating DiversiFi 2.0 long before the much-awaited launch. The company also revealed that they currently have interest from around 70 large traders and funds. Notably, at the time of launch, 18 funds had immediately traded. While the spokesperson had been briefed with the details, it was reported that the smallest amount of funds under asset management is $1M, with the average comfortably sitting in tens of millions.

The reason for the influx of interest toward the re-released software, as emphasized by the spokesperson, is its ability to increase the capacity of trade settlement by up to 9000 transactions per second. Not to mention the software is non-custodial, meaning users have absolute control over their funds. But most importantly, the spokesperson stressed that DeversiFi 2.0 could establish a vital connection between centralized and decentralized entities in the trading space.

As outlined, the most significant benefits of the new software include enhanced privacy. By implementing DiversiFi 2.0, users would have nothing to worry about third parties watching their trading activities and behaviors. With DiversiFi 2.0, the trades are batched in groups and settled on the Blockchain immediately after execution, leaving no rooms for traders to copy such actions.

Speed, low fees, and enhanced liquidity are just some of the things that make DiversiFi 2.0 a one of a kind, according to the company’s CFO, Ross Middleton. Users would notably experience risk-free transactions alongside the elimination of hacks, account freezes, and trade rollbacks.


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