Dfinity’s Multi-Billion Internet Computer Quietly Launched Last December


This past December 18th, Dfinity’s highly-awaited “Internet Computer” finally launched. Backed by several high-profile companies, such as Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, Dfinity’s Internet Computer is slated to be the first blockchain-based computer capable of running at high-end web speeds without any bounding restrictions.

Reports dictate that such impressive speeds are attained via the so-called “Chain Key Technology” of the company itself, which divides calls to smart contracts into two different types: the query calls and update calls. Query calls, which can precisely be executed within milliseconds, also notably discards the state changes it performs after execution. On the other hand, update calls finalize within a second or two based on how long it takes for the new block to be produced.

As different as these two types may be, both allow blockchain developers to formulate and establish user experiences that can readily compete with the prominent web-based applications we have today, such as Amazon Web Services.

According to the president of Dfinity, Dominic Williams, the firm’s newly-launched Internet Computer aims to extend the overall functionality of the public internet by way of an advanced blockchain network that also is capable of eliminating its reliance on former technologies (ex. databases, firewalls, and cloud services). Basically, Dfinity’s ambitious new network wants to give developers and entrepreneurs the power to revolutionize the way they build website applications.

As it currently stands, the Internet Computer mainnet is running on particular nodes kept within seven separate data centers across Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Since its December 18th launch, the subnet responsible for the Network Nervous System has already produced approximately 400,000 blocks with another 896 already in the works.


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