DMG Sets up 1,000 Additional Mining Machines for a US-based Customer


DMG Blockchain Solutions, a diversified crypto company based in Canada, revealed that it has successfully added 1000 new equipment in its British Columbia mining facility. In a press release published on January 6, the firm confirmed that a US-based client would harness the additional capacity. 

The mining rigs installed at Christina Lake’s mining hub were purchased from Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware. As per the announcement, the mining machines’ aggregated power consumption is more or less 1.5 megawatts. 

News about the plans of upgrading the facility’s capacity for an undisclosed American client first broke out in December 2019.

Other industry accounts revealed that DMG and Bitmain signed an exploratory deal in October 2019. Under the agreement, the former would manage the latter’s mining facility, which is currently being built in Rockdale, Texas. According to follow up reports, DMG had already set up 15, 000 next-generation mining rigs. 

DMG intends to cut crypto miners’ operational costs 

Two years ago, DMG made significant improvements to its crypto mining facility. The energized hub, which stood on 34 acres of land, had started its operations at 60MW. Eventually, the capacity increased to 85MW. Today, DMG oversees one of North America’s most prominent mining operations. 

Sheldon Bennett, the Chief Operating Officer of DMG, emphasized that the company always ensures that their facilities are suitable for industrial miners, mainly to large scale hosting consumers. By doing so, they are helping clients cut operational costs while increasing their profits. 

Notably, DMG’s mining facility at Christina Lake in British Columbia harnesses hydroelectric power. However, the new additions, as Bennett clarified, do not affect the residents’ power needs since there is a surplus of energy in the area.  



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