Dogecoin’s Value Elevates By 60% Due To a Viral TikTok Videos


TikTok’s impact on today’s pop culture is evident and wide-spreading. You’d only have to spend a couple of minutes online to encounter another viral video gaining traction from the platform. Notably, its effects have also managed to penetrate the crypto industry. Dogecoin – mostly seen by many as cheap Bitcoin – has witnessed its total value to rise by over 60% as a result of a particular viral TikTok video.

This video in question is posted by the user “James Galante” in TikTok. He aptly titled it “Let’s get rich” as he persuaded his followers and viewers to go out of their way and invest in the lackluster cryptocurrency.

Within the viral video, the creator called out every TikTok users to spread the word, and invest a minimum of $25 in Dogecoin. They would then promptly wait until its total value hits the $1 mark. Dogecoin’s current price sits at $0.0040 press time. And when it does hit that unlikely figure, he explained that the minuscule investment would turn into a massive profit – $10,640 to be exact for every investor.

As already established above, this TikTok video gained surprising traction and has since started the #DogecoinTikTokChallenge. This specific trend within the platform has managed to amass more than 60,000 likes and over 500,000 views. As a result, Dogecoin’s price value rose up the rankings and is now sitting at the 27th cryptocurrency spot by market cap.



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