EBay Expresses Interest in Entering NFT Auctions and Crypto Payments


Earlier today, eBay CEO Jamie Iannone revealed on a CNBC interview that the online marketplace titan is actively looking into the possible integration of non-fungible token (NFT) auctions and crypto payments options.

According to Iannone, one of the most compelling traits of eBay is its capability to get on with the current trends without much struggle and in no time. The CEO adds that the integration of NFTs and the like could prove again just that.

Although particular sections of specific NFTs are already transacting within eBay, the platform has yet to pay attention. On top of that, some users are also seemingly allowed to list Bitcoin (BTC) on eBay as up for sale even without any official sanction from the marketplace itself.

Considering that, Iannone’s recent comments imply that the platform does not intend to halt such. In fact, it is now seemingly in the effort to streamline the entire process for its millions and millions of buyers and sellers all around the world.

There is still no conclusive confirmation or plans on when and how exactly crypto payments could be integrated within the platform as of press time.


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