El Salvador Government Now Facing Investigations over Its Purchase of Bitcoin ATMs


According to Reuters, the government of El Salvador will now be subject to stringent investigations from the country’s Court of Accounts over its recent purchases of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs. Notably, this piece of news came amidst the rising tensions between the country’s government and protesters opposing the growing prominence of BTCs and rendering it legal tender officially.

Reuters reports state that the country’s Court of Accounts, which has responsibility for El Salvador’s public spending, says it received a formal complaint last September 10 from a local transparency and human rights organization called Cristosal.

Diving deeper into Cristosal’s complaint against the Salvadoran government, the group is currently targeting six members of Bitcoin Trust’s board of directors, specifically those from the Economic and Finance ministries. In response to the complaint they received from the group, the Court of Accounts states that it intends to take the matter up to the country’s General Audit Coordination.

Just yesterday, reports of violent protests surfacing in various points of El Salvador hit the news wave where Bitcoin ATMs are targeted and set ablaze. While some citizen’s dissatisfaction is clearly targeted at the meteoric rise of BTC in the country, others are seemingly directly denouncing President Nayib Bukele for his supposed abuse of power.


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