El Salvador Set To Use Bitcoin Trust Profits to Develop a $4M Veterinary Facility


Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador and huge crypto proponent, went to Twitter this past Sunday stating that the country aims to use the profits earned by its Bitcoin Trust to develop a veterinary facility worth over $4 million. Bukele supplemented this announcement with a computer-generated clip of the proposed establishment.

According to the El Salvadoran president, the upcoming vet facility intends to cater to about 400 general appointments every day, respond to 128 emergency calls, and be able to execute 64 surgeries.

While the news was met positively by some, especially animal lovers, many El Salvadorans suggest that Bukele could better utilize the country’s crypto profits on other projects. Norma De Serrano, a Twitter user, suggested that El Salvador would be better off spending that money investing in expanding the existing hospitals across the country. On the other hand, others criticize Bukele and the government for failing to commit money on infrastructure projects outside the capital of El Salvador.

As of press time, Bitcoin trades for a tad above $55,000, its highest global value since May of this year. Notably, several analytics reports point out that Bitcoin capped off the past week with an impressive 15.6% value increase.


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