Elon Musk’s Transcendental Influence; Promotes Signal To New High


Saying that the new richest man in the world Elon Musk is influential now sounds like an understatement. Even before his newly recognized title, the Tesla head-honcho has already been ultra-popular throughout the world – some may even go as far as stating that everyone starts to listen as soon as he opens his mouth.

This influence has also transcended into other mediums and industries, even away from his technology expertise. This is evidenced by the rise in interest in various applications and even cryptocurrencies.

A short January 7th tweet from Elon Musk stating: “Use Signal,” elevated the privacy-centric messaging mobile application to the top of several major app leaderboards. This includes the two most prominent application platforms, Google Play and the AppStore. Its seemingly most prominent adversary, WhatsApp, on the other hand, sunk heavily on the same board following its controversial decision to pressure its user base to share their personal data to its parent social media.

Musk tweeted out a simple joke about Dogecoin this past Christmas, which has then propelled its price to rise by more than 125% in just a single week.

However, now that one BTC is worth more than Tesla the Model 3, only time will tell whether Musk would now start to warm up with the dominant crypto or remain ambiguously not.


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